alexaAlexa Garside

Alexa Garside has 9 years industry experience, working as a personal trainer, body balance instructor and studio coordinator before specialising as a yoga teacher 8 years ago. She qualified in Hatha and

Vinyasa Flow Yoga in Italy with Frog Lotus Yoga and has been doing continuous study since, learning techniques from Scaravelli and Kundalini. She is a memeber of Yoga Alliance, has completed 2 yoga teacher trainings and has taught over 3,000 yoga classes. She has also completed her PTTLS teaching qualification.

Alexa is an extremely popular teacher, and her magnetic personality keeps clients returning class after class. She is very much a people person and focuses on making Yoga accessible for all in a friendly and relaxed environment. She has been in love with Yoga for over 10 years now and wants to spread her knowledge of it to help others improve their quality of life and to pass down her teaching skills and expertise to help spread the benefits of yoga to a wider audience.

Hatha yoga is great for people who are beginners or who prefer a less dynamic class, and Vinyasa Flow Yoga is a beautiful, creative and dynamic form of Yoga which is beautiful to teach and will leave you and your clients both feeling relaxed and energised. With this training course, you will be able to teach both!