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Harmonise - Yoga, Pilates, Massage Harmonise - Yoga, Pilates, Massage Harmonise - Yoga, Pilates, Massage

Chair, wall & back care Pilates & Yoga teacher training

NB: We fully intend for this course to held in person, at Revitalise Brighton in Hove, BN3 1DB

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Course overview:

Aimed at Yoga and Pilates teachers. Make your classes more accessible, gain a deeper understanding of the ageing process and related health conditions, back & spine issues and how to safely modify. Set up classes branded for ‘older adults’, ‘chair’, or ‘back care’, teach at warden assisted facilities, care homes or community centre’s and work more closely with one to one clients. Experience chair, wall and many other exercises / asana, be more confident in addressing common health conditions and health related issues. This course includes all associated anatomy & physiology. It will widen your audience, expand your exercise and asana selection, inform all of your teachings, your cue’s, your assists, the language you use and encourage you to think outside the box.


By the end of this course you will be able to:

  1. Take a full case history, understand the principles of informed consent and professional boundaries
  2. Be more confident in dealing with specific conditions that arise on a case history form and understand when to refer back to a medical professional
  3. Understand anatomical and physiological changes that take place as we age including fascia – from softness to stiffness
  4. Understand common health conditions often (but not always) associated with the aging population to include: Osteoporosis; Kyphosis; hip replacements; high blood pressure; CHD; diabetes; arthritis; cancer; lymphoedema; dementia; MS; shallow breathing; sedentary / stiffness
  5. Brand and teach a safe and effective class for specific client groups (older adults, chair, wall) and / or in-corporate your new understandings into existing group classes
  6. Take a closer look at the anatomy of the spine – intervertebral discs, muscles, fascia and ligaments that support the spine, what happens when spinal stability is compromised, abdominal doming, pelvis tilts and imbalances, sacro iliac joint
  7. Have some understanding of common back issues that arise to include: Slipped discs; bulging discs; fused vertebrae; facet syndrome; sciatica; shoulder impingement; carpel tunnel syndrome; trapped / pinched nerve; whiplash; spinal hypermobility; hernia’s; pendulous abdomen; scar tissue, adhesions, trauma, emotional holding patterns, protective holding patterns
  8. Brand and teach a safe and affective class for ‘Yoga for back care’ or ‘Pilates for back care’ and incorporate your new understandings into existing group classes
  9. Add a wide range of new exercises and postures to your current repertoire, including chair and wall exercises and postures, that could also be used in beginner group classes and during warm ups
  10. Programme a suitable class for a warden assisted venue, care home or community centre 
  11. Increase your use of props to increase comfort, modify and support your students
  12. Understand the principles and benefits of functional movement

Course pre-requisites: 200hr yoga teacher training or equivalent; Pilates L3 diploma or equivalent; some teaching experience desirable

About your tutor:
Clare Francis has over 20 years industry experience, is Yoga Alliance E-500, trained with Stott Pilates, qualified in sports, deep tissue and remedial massage with LSSM, holds YMCA awards exercise for seniors, certificates in exercise for cancer, diabetes and arthritis, completed a 10 day moving fascia embodied anatomy course in 2018 and is booked onto the June 2019 Biotensegrity Focused Full Body Dissection Course with John Sharkey MSc. She has been successfully delivering teacher trainings for 5 years and is a qualified adult tutor and assessor
Clare is looking forward to bringing together all of her knowledge and teaching experience with the intention of delivering a course that educates, inspires and broadens your skill set

Course Assessment: You will need to pass a theory test, complete a worksheet, and submit 2 lesson plans which can be handed in up to 6 weeks after the course delivery

Certification: Harmonise Training CPD certificate for 40 hours which is 26 contact hours and 14 hours non contact
Yoga Alliance registered attendees will gain 40 CEP hours OR can use these hours towards their 300hr advanced certificate with Harmonise Training Academy

Course dates 2021:

Wednesday 17th November – Saturday 20th November 2021 9.30am – 4pm daily

Course price £528 Early bird price £480

Contact: or call 07951806044

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Please note this course assumes clients have been given medical clearance to partake in suitable movement based classes. It is NOT training you to diagnose or treat specific medical or health conditions.