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Yoga CPD courses & 300 hr advanced teacher trainings are now here! 

Harmonise Training Academy are delighted to be offering a range of short CPD courses to develop your teaching skills, broaden your understanding, deepen your practice and widen your target market

Upon successful completion, you will receive a certificate for each CPD course you attend, with a specified number of hours. You can use these hours either as stand alone CPD hours OR you can put them towards your 300hr advanced yoga teacher training certificate with Harmonise Training Academy.

Please note, you cannot record your hours as CPD hours and use them towards your 300hr advanced training with Yoga Alliance. It is one or the other.

In order to maximise the benefits of each course as you embark on your learning journey, they each have a clear set of objectives and include at least 3 of the following elements: pre-course learning, a theory paper, written worksheets, lesson plans, posture assessments and teaching practice.

Each course is well structured with a clear assessment protocol to ensure the information delivered is absorbed, understood, applied, embodied and practiced. We always give feedback and suggestions for further development. We believe this stands us aside from other course & workshop providers which are ‘attendance only based’.

300 hr advanced Yoga Teacher Training

You can attain your 300hr advanced yoga teacher training certificate with Harmonise Training Academy by:

We suggest 2-4 years as time-frame for completion giving you time to apply what you learn within your teaching and practice enabling you to evolve throughout the process.

We will look to add to our short courses over time to be able to offer you more choice

Courses currently available are:

L1 Yin – 35 hours

L2 Yin – 45 hours

Pre & post natal – 50 hours

Seniors & back care – 40 hours

Posture Assessments and 1:1 – 20 hours

Advanced sequencing – 40 hours

L1 Hands on Assists  – 40 hours

Chakras & Elements – 40 hours

L1 Meditation & Pranyama – 20 hours

Fascia & Further Anatomy – 40 hours

Course Price: You can pay for each short course at the time of booking, enabling you to spread the cost of the course within a time frame that suits your budget.

Alternatively, you can set up a monthly standing order of £100 for 30 months and book 30 days of CPD courses within or after this timeframe.

Please e-mail clare@harmonisetrainingacademy.com if you wish to set up a monthly standing order

Venue: Revitalise Brighton, 123a Western Rd, Hove, BN3 1DB

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