Brydie Rowan has a dedicated practice spanning 20 years of various disciplines, and is a member of the Yoga Alliance with 8 years of International teaching experience. This includes 4 years assisting the delivery of teacher trainings with Frog Lotus specialising in History, Philosophy and Mindful Vinyasa Flow.

Brydie is known for leading joyful, creative classes in a deep, slow flowing style that gives students space to listen and respond to their bodies’ needs. A focus on intelligent sequencing, functional alignment and modification for the individual; balanced with freer forms of movement and expression; invites both beginners and seasoned practitioners to be present and explore their edges – building strength, clarity and openness in a safe, gradual, authentic way.

This personalised approach, coupled with a light hearted community spirit means that everyone can benefit – irrespective of age and experience. The invitation is to feel and own the practice in a way that promotes a sense of belonging within one’s self and the wider world.

To date, Brydie has taught over 2,300 classes and delights in her work. It is her core belief that a true teacher connects the student to the teacher within and this notion is shared and practiced during the training.

‘Brydie’s classes really release a lot for me – I’ve never experienced anything like them…they’re of another dimension! She helped me realise that Yoga for me means no expectation and that is wonderful.’
Natalie J