Well where do I begin!!! To say I had one of the most unforgettable, enjoyable, healing, relaxing, enlightening, heart-warming, nourishing and educational weekends of my life would be under-stating it.

Anna, Summer Solstice weekend retreat, June 2022

Wild Women’s Well-being Retreat
30th September – 3rd October 2022

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May I please say an even more special Thank You on behalf of my friend Debs. She got so so so much from that weekend; and mainly thanks to the individual words and attention you gave her. She said she came away feeling so supported and understood by you. She has had a truly devastating 18 months, so I am so grateful to you for giving her so much back. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

Summer Solstice Well-being Retreat 2022

Summer Solstice Wellbeing Retreat
15th – 18th June 2023

Myself and 2 friends all had body aches and pains that disappeared after the first somatic yoga class! Thankyou for inspiring my yoga practice!

Deborah, Summer Solstice Well-being Retreat 2022