Well where do I begin!!! To say I had one of the most unforgettable, enjoyable, healing, relaxing, enlightening, heart-warming, nourishing and educational weekends of my life would be under-stating it.

Anna, Summer Solstice weekend retreat, June 2022

Being your own Best Friend’
Day Retreat
Saturday 10th June
Revitalise, Brighton

A 1-day yoga immersion for optimising physical and emotional health and well-being.
Take part in yoga practices such as chanting, meditation and yoga Nidra to help release negative thoughts and patterns, ‘tame the mind’, and self-regulate so that we may treat ourselves with more kindness and compassion.

Summer Solstice
Wellbeing Retreat

16th – 18th June 2023
nr. Lewes, Sussex

Celebrate the Solstice, immerse yourself in nature, escape the demands of day-to-day life and ‘treat’ your’self’ to some well-deserved down time and breathing SPACE as you re-connect to centre whilst having some fun in the process!

Wild Women’s
Wellbeing Retreat

29th Sept – 2nd Oct 2023
St Nectan’s Glen, Cornwall

Don’t just be alive… FEEL alive! Combine the healing element of water with yoga, meditation, swimming, dance, cacao and stunning walks in nature as you enjoy the journey inwards to meet, get to know and become besties with your true self.

After 5 years I feel like me again and my back feels so much better. THANK YOU”

Sue, Wild Women’s Well-being Retreat 2022

4 days of fun, healing, friendship, spiritual guidance and growth.
Not to be missed if you love nature and want to be nurtured.”

Paula, Wild Women’s Retreat Autumn 2022

Myself and 2 friends all had body aches and pains that disappeared after the first somatic yoga class! Thankyou for inspiring my yoga practice!

Solstice weekend retreat, June 2022

May I please say an even more special Thank You on behalf of my friend Debs. She got so so so much from that weekend; and mainly thanks to the individual words and attention you gave her. She said she came away feeling so supported and understood by you. She has had a truly devastating 18 months, so I am so grateful to you for giving her so much back. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

Solstice weekend retreat, June 2022