CPD workshops

We offer a range of workshops open to yoga and Pilates teachers which can be taken as CPD. These may also be taken by non-teachers who wish to deepen their knowledge and their practice. Workshops are usually around 3 hours and are hosted at Revitalise.

Pilates Foam Roller Workshop

Fri 20th May, 3-6pm

In this fun, explorative and highly practical workshop you will learn and experience a multitude of ways in which you can incorporate the Foam Roller into your Pilates repetoire… read more.

Fascia & Stability Workshop

25th June, 2-5pm

If you are looking to teach from a more holistic and integrative approach, or if you hear yourself repeating the same cue’s over and over during a class, then this workshop is for you… read more.

Pilates Flex Band Workshop

Sunday 23rd October

Is it time to add variety to your classes? Are you looking for fresh ideas and inspiration? Did you know the flex band mimics some of the Pilates reformer repetoire, yet is much lighter to carry and less expensive… read more...

CPD Courses

We also offer the following courses: