CPD workshops

We offer a range of workshops open to yoga and Pilates teachers which are designed as CPDs (Continuing Professional Development). However, these may also be taken by non-teachers who wish to deepen their knowledge and their practice. Workshops are usually around 3 hours and are hosted at Revitalise.

Stretch and Massage Assists

Tuesday 27th February 2-5pm


Elevate your teaching skills and expand your repertoire. Practise hands-on assists that aid in massage and relaxation; discover PNF stretches and gain confidence in incorporating simple self-massage into your classes …read more

Fascia & Movement

Tuesday 5th March, 2-5 pm


How to teach a class from an embodied, fascial, somatic perspective.
We will explore how we can listen, feel and respond to bodily sensations from within for a more intuitive, student led experience in classes and the numerous health benefits of doing so …read more.

Meditation & Mindfulness for Pilates teachers

Tuesday 12th March 2-5pm


Mental health issues, levels of stress, overwhelm and burnout are on the increase. Now is the time to empower your students to manage stress effectively, promote mental clarity, and cultivate a deeper sense of calm and balance in their lives …read more.

Fascia & Stability

Tuesday 19th March, 2-5pm

Early-bird discount ends 27th Feb!

How to teach a class without saying ‘engage your core’… and why!
We will look at the human body from a fascial perspective, as a 3D multi-dimensional, interconnected structure; and the inner connections that offer stability, from head to foot …read more.

Refer a friend & get a £100 Gift Voucher

Do you know someone who is considering embarking on their teacher training journey?
Introduce them to Harmonise and help them to become part of this beautiful and life affirming community.

Receive a £100 Harmonise gift voucher when you refer someone who goes on to sign up to yoga or Pilates teacher training. Simply e-mail us to notify us who you referred and ensure they write your name on the registration form.

* Voucher can be used towards any workshop, course or retreat! Voucher is issued once payment for the TT course is made in full.

Observing posture & hands on assists for Pilates

Coming soon…


Discover the art of hands-on assists, ethical touch, and the strategic use of props to enhance your Pilates teaching.
This is a unique opportunity to boost your confidence, refine your skills, connect with your students in a meaningful way and stand out in your field
…read more

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Pilates Flex Band


Is it time to add variety to your classes? Are you looking for fresh ideas and inspiration? Did you know the flex band mimics some of the Pilates reformer repetoire, yet is much lighter to carry and less expensive… read more.

Pilates Foam Roller Workshop


In this fun, explorative and highly practical workshop you will learn and experience a multitude of ways in which you can incorporate the Foam Roller into your Pilates repetoire… read more.

Overball (soft ball) Workshop


Is it time to add variety to your classes? Are you looking for fresh ideas and inspiration with a prop that is easy to carry and affordable? Are you interested in incorporating somatic based movements and fascial release to your classes read more

Observing posture & hands on assists for yoga

Early-bird discount ends 16th Jan!

This immersive session is tailored to elevate your skills, boost confidence, and deepen your connection with students. Delve into the nuances and the art of mindful touch, hone your observational abilities, and understand the ethical considerations surrounding hands-on assists… read more.

CPD Courses

We also offer the following courses (between 2 -4 days, usually over a long weekend):