100% of all students who completed a feedback questionnaire said they would recommend our course to a friend, 96% said they would rate Alexa, Clare , Louise and Charlotte 10/10 as Tutors. All of our graduates who intended to teach are now teaching at Revitalise and within the wider teaching community.

The following testimonials have been copied word for word from feedback questionnaires (Click the links below to jump to feedback for specific courses):

Feedback from 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Courses

“This course changed me and my life completely! I’ve grown so much in confidence and gained some wonderful connections. Revitalise and Harmonise are so valued in the community”

Abigail, graduated January 2019

“Taking this training was the best decision I made (last) year. I feel like a different person compared to starting, and I am confident to start my yoga teaching journey”

Cat, graduated January 2019

“Harmonise yoga teacher training has given me a fantastic spring board to commence my new life as a yoga teacher and has inspired a passion to continue to explore and gain knowledge in many areas of the yogic path. I feel incredibly grateful to have had the experience of Phoebe’s philosophy knowledge, the pranayama and mudra workshop was incredible. A huge thank you to all 3 tutors.”


“I absolutely could not recommend this course more. Structured so well by breaking down the very huge subject of yoga by meticulous and kind teachings. I am so happy and proud! Thank you Clare, Alexa and Phoebe.”

Bam, graduated January 2019

“This course is brilliant! Definitely worth doing, it’s changed my life. Such a lovely experience.

Tien, graduated January 2019

“I would recommend this course to anyone. It builds your confidence both as a practitioner and as a teacher”

Beatrice, graduated January 2019

“Clare’s courses give you the confidence and knowledge you need to teach safely and effectively. The way in which she teaches makes you absorb so much information without even realising it!”

Abi, graduated January 2019

“This is an inspirational course, that has ignited my passion for well-being, learning and yoga in me. Truly life-changing and run by amazing teachers”.

Anna, graduated December 2018

“Ohm-mazing course! Every aspect was covered. Such an enormous journey from beginning to end and left with such confidence and new found friends”

Grainne, graduated Decmber 2018

“I can’t praise this course enough. I have learnt so much and feel confident and ready to get out and teach. An amazing experience”

Lisa, graduated Decmber 2018

“I was made to feel really welcome and put at ease. It is an excellent course made fun but also appropriately challenging with highly experienced and knowledgeable tutors. I feel privileged to have found it”

Jo, graduated Decmber 2018

“Would definitely recommend Clare’s Yoga TT course – comfortable environment, lovely and welcoming tutors and people, just great!”

Barbabara, graduated Decmber 2018

“I found Clare’s approach to be very supportive and also very constructive which encouraged me to reflect regularly on my own practice and teaching.”

Elle, graduated Decmber 2018

“A hugely informative, well organised course with talented, helpful tutors. I am sorry it has come to an end but I feel confident to take the next step on my yoga journey.”

Judy, graduated June 2018

A great course, well rounded, covering all the necessary pieces to become a knowledgeable  yoga teacher

Becky, graduated June 2018

“I have loved every minute of the 200hr yoga teacher training at Harmonise. Clare, Gemma and Alexa are fantastic teachers and the course is extremely well structured. On a personal level I cannot believe how much I have learnt and how much progress I have seen. Wonderful course in an awesome studio. Thank you so much”

Georgie, graduated January 2018

“Brilliant, and very well rounded course that gave me the knowledge, skills and confidence I need to start my yoga teaching career”.

Anonymous, graduated January 2018

“This course is thorough, fun and will prepare you really well for teaching yoga in a supportive and non-intimidating way – really great”

Georgie, graduated January 2018

“Absolutely fantastic, well thought out and organised course. Clare, Alexa, Phoebe and Gemma were amazing and I felt very supported throughout the course”

Olivia, graduated January 2018

“Great instructors, lovely studio, we created a really nice group that felt very comfortable”

Jodie, graduated January 2018

“Great course, excellent teaching, I feel I’m a better teacher having trained with Harmonise”

Anonyous, graduated January 2018

“Alexa was energetic and encouraging. I felt really at ease from the start of the course which was great as I was nervous before beginning. The anatomy review was fantastic and all of the physical explanations Clare gave whenever she was in class were highly beneficial. Clare was very flexible with the running of the course which was unexpected but so great. It must have meant more work – thank you!”

Anonymous, graduated January 2018

“An excellent and energising course which has advanced my understanding of, and passion for yoga. Really looking forward to teaching and the opportunities it will bring for personal and career development”

Georgie, graduated December2017

“Thoroughly enjoyed the course, found the teachers very inspirational and it has made me look at my own practice in a different way”

Anonymous, graduated December 2017

“Really enjoyed the Yoga teacher training. It was relaxed and fun but at the same time, very thorough and professional.”

Anon, graduated June 2017

“The Harmonise Yoga teacher training was fantastic. I feel totally ready to teach a class of people in a safe and informative way. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to be a yoga teacher. It is a high quality course”

Maz, graduated June 2017

“I didn’t think I could be a teacher, I signed up for self-development mainly. I grew and developed and can’t wait to share it with others. A great place to discover and explore one’s potential. I also enjoyed clear, open, relevant, encouraging feedback at every stage of the course”.

Anonymous, graduated November 2016

“An amazing opportunity to develop my learning in yoga, both physically and philosophically. The course was well delivered and I feel confident to start teaching straight away”

Dave, graduated November 2016

This course has given me all the confidence, knowledge and the tools I need to make my dream of becoming a yoga teacher a reality. Alexa is warm and fun making yoga feel accessible whilst sharing her obviously vast experience. Clare is a fantastic, lovely and natural teacher – I don’t think I’ve learnt as much from anyone in such a short space of time”.

Sarah, graduated November 2016

This was a great course. Clare and Alexa are fantastic tutors who guide and support you from beginning to end. There was a good range of anatomy, philosophy and physical practice.

Anonymous, graduated November 2016

“A depth of Anatomy & Physiology training which has helped me to understand the body infinitely better”

Anonymous, graduated May 2016

“This course will change your life. A really comprehensive approch to yoga and the yogic lifestyle. Great teachers. A rare opportunity to study yoga philosophy and the more advanced yogic practices”.

Anonymous, graduated May 2016

“I am so pleased that I chose Harmonise to do my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training course. Alexa and Clare are amazing teachers with such a wide subject knowledge, whilst being friendly and approachable. They have always been just an email or phone call away if I was stuck on an assignment or just needed to clarify something. I have really enjoyed working alongside the small group of students in my class and have always felt fully welcomed and supported. The course covers a wide programme of study that has given me a further insight into the world of teaching yoga and I now feel that I can teach knowing that Harmonise has given me a strong foundation. Thank you!” 

Justine Simon CYQ L3 Yoga student Jan 15

“I would absolutely Recommend this Yoga teacher training course.  Clare and Alexa work as a fantastic team with such experience and knowledge of the subject . Together they give great support to the learning, whether it is in the theory or practical, they are there to help. The course is very well organised, with interesting speakers. It has given me a lot of confidence to go out and teach, plan a schedule for yoga practice and broaden my knowledge of yoga thus improving my own practice. I’m extremely pleased I chose this course to do my yoga teacher training.”

Francine Briscoe, CYQ L3 Yoga student Jan 2015

“The Yoga teacher training course with Harmonise Training Academy at Revitalise was very well organized. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in taking the next step on their yoga journey. My practice improved as well as expanded my knowledge and theory of yoga on a spiritual level. Alexa and Clare truly want you to succeed and are willing to help in any way they can.”

Kim McKee, CYQ L3 Yoga student Jan 2015

Feedback from Pilates Teacher Training Courses

“Amazing tutor, amazing course, wish I had done it years ago”

Sarah, graduated May 2018

“Clare is a very qualified professional Pilates instructor, but what I like most is her inclusiveness, non-judgemental and reassuring approach with empathy – she loves what she does and it shows”

Ingrid, graduated May 2018

“Clare is a brilliant trainer, her enthusiasm makes the course fun and interesting. I feel like I have learnt so much during the course and I would recommend it to anyone considering the training”

Anonymous, graduated May 2018

“Clare is a brilliant trainer, her enthusiasm makes the course fun and interesting. I feel like I have learnt so much during the course and I would recommend it to anyone considering the training”

Anonymous, graduated May 2018

“An amazing course, full of great knowledge, very inspired to go out and teach”

Claire, graduated May 2017

“A lovely and supportive environment for learning”

Stacey, graduated May 2017

“Amazing course, learnt so much. Feel excited to start a new chapter in my life.”

Cathy, graduated May 2017

“Loved the course. Learnt so much. Now feel comfortable to teach pre and post natal classes and yoga modifications in my current classes”

Anonymous, graduated April 2017

“I really enjoyed the course and the support from Clare. I learnt much more than I thought and overall it was well worth the time and effort.”

Anonymous, graduated November 2016

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course, it was hard work but I am amazed at how much I learnt in the space of time. I would happily recommend Harmonise and Clare as a teacher.”

Anonymous, graduated November 2016

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course and feel that I have gained a complete and detailed understanding of Pilates and I am looking forward to passing this onto my clients”

Anonymous, graduated November 2016

“Clare is very approachable, knows her stuff, enthusiastic and good at making things clear”

Anonymous, graduated November 2016

“Clare is an excellent instructor, passionate about her subject, yet patient and approachable. I would recommend this course to anyone who wishes to become a Pilates instructor”

“The Pilates Teacher Training course with Clare is perfect, the knowledge she has is invaluable & she teaches in a fun, relaxed & informative way. I have learned so much & have really enjoyed the course. I would definitely recommend this course if you are considering becoming a Pilates teacher.”  

Abi Lemm, CYQ L3 Pilates student February 2015

“Great teacher training course. I have learned so much about Pilates and the benefits of each of the exercises, which will allow me to teach others effectively. Clare has been encouraging throughout, making sure we got the practice we needed to build up our confidence. As an additional bonus the course has also improved my own Pilates practice. I am so pleased I chose this course over the shorter versions and would highly recommend it to anyone.” 

Julie Christensen, CYQ L3 Pilates student February 2015

A brilliant in-depth course with lots of hands on teaching practice, Pilates tutorials, Pilates lessons and home learning. Clare is a fantastic teacher who demonstrates and explains everything clearly and thoroughly, and at the same time, creates a fun learning atmosphere. If you want something that will benefit your own Pilates practice, as well as helping you learn everything you need to know about becoming a Pilates teacher, I can’t recommend this course enough.” 

Sarah Sawyer, CYQ L3 Pilates student Feburary 2015

Feedback from Yin Yoga Teacher Training CPDs

I had no doubt when I took one Yin class with Louise that I had found the person I wanted to learn more about Yin with. Her nature and knowledge is the very embodiment of her teaching.”

February 2019

“Louise holds a beautiful nurturing space and really embodies the teaching she shares”

February 2019

“The course I attended was well structured and welcoming. Louise was knowledgeable and very accepting to everyone’s different energy and style”

February 2019

“Louise’s Yin teacher Training course was a wonderful shared experience for me, thanks to Louise’s warm approachability and the fantastic people I met, what a week!” 

February 2019

“The best yoga teacher training I have done, I highly recommend it”

September 2018

“Highly recommend Yin TT Level 1 with Louise! Perfect blend of learning, exploration and accreditation”

September 2018

Louise is a wonderful, passionate teacher of Yin Yoga. She has a wealth of knowledge which she explains and breaks down perfectly”

September 2018

“An immersion deep into the heart of Yin Yoga, delivered with amazing passion, knowledge, wisdom, kindness and love. Highly recommend, thank you!”

An excellent introduction to teaching Yin Yoga that enables you to feel confident to plan and deliver classes/ workshops”

March 2018

“This is a beautifully accessible course. Clear and concise, warm and welcoming. I will be taking so much of Louise’s knowledge to my Yin classes and personal practice”

March 2018

“Louise is very knowledgeable, I was impressed by her teachings, she is also open to sharing tips and ideas. Always smiling and listening and patient”

March 2018

Feedback from Pre- & Post-Natal CPDs

“Massive thanks for making me feel confident to guide ladies into a lovely relaxing class full of self-love and for also making me look forward to becoming a mamma myself! Great to have both pre and post natal together”

Sabine, Yoga & Pilates combined pre & post natal CPD course, March 2019

“Clare and Charlotte both have so much knowledge that they shared over the 4 days. I feel more confident and safe with my own pregnancy and birth and excited to share my new knowledge with other mums to be. I would definitely recommend this course, thank you”.

Caroline, Sabine, Yoga & Pilates combined pre & post natal CPD course, March 2019

“An opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge to feel comfortable teaching ante & post natal women. Also learning to trust your intuition. Charlotte & Clare are both very supportive and approachable teachers”.

Anoushka, Sabine, Yoga & Pilates combined pre & post natal CPD course, March 2019

“Thoroughly informative, empowering and enjoyable. Feel much more prepared helping future mammas”

Eloise, Sabine, Yoga & Pilates combined pre & post natal CPD course, graduated March 2019

“I would recommend the pre and post natal course to anyone. It is really in-depth and makes you feel confident to teach this ‘special population’ group”.

Beatrice, Sabine, Yoga & Pilates combined pre & post natal CPD course, March 2019

“This course is both in-depth and supportive. I would recommend it to a wide range of professionals” Pre and post natal, graduated May 2018

Anonymous, Yoga & Pilates combined pre & post natal CPD course, May 2018

“I really loved this course and I feel prepared to start teaching pre and post natal clients”

Anonymous, Yoga & Pilates combined pre & post natal CPD course, May 2018

“Great course, relaxed and welcoming. Clare was very nurturing and delivered not only great theory but also practically her knowledge is extensive, Really enjoyed it!”

Ingrid, graduated November 2017

“A really well organised, informative course. I feel I have a good level of knowledge to confidently teach both ante and post natal classes to yoga and Pilates clients. I would fully recommend this course to any teacher looking to up skill”

Sarah, graduated November 2017

“I really enjoyed the pre and post natal course. I came away feeling empowered about practicing through my own pregnancies and drawing on yoga traditions during birth, and am excited to share this information with other women in a safe way as a teacher. It was also a great insight into the Pilates principles and some relevant exercises to include in classes”

Anonymous, graduated April 2017