Charlotte Smart

Charlotte has studied with the NCT, trained as an active birth teacher with Janet Balaskas and Jill Benjoya Miller in London, holds L3 YMCA award in adapting exercise for the antenatal and post-natal client, has complete the Harmonise Training Academy 200hr yoga teacher training, has completed the pre and post-natal training for Pilates and Yoga teachers with Clare Francis at Harmonise Training Academy, has attend a teaching yoga and mindfulness to children course with Joyoti Manual at Special Yoga in London, and is a member the Yoga Alliance.

Charlotte has taught yoga to families, children, adults, pregnant women, Mamas and babies in schools, fields, living rooms and studios over the years. She is honoured to bring her knowledge, experience and love to the training.

Charlotte has been fascinated by pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period since her first pregnancy 17 years ago. She has been passionate about working with and caring for women, children and families ever since.

“My introduction to yoga was a pre-natal yoga and birth preparation class with the legendary Karel Ironside. It was here that i learnt that the practise of yoga during pregnancy and birth was so much more than connecting with my pelvic floor ( although that proved to be a big bonus)! Engaging with yoga during pregnancy was profound. It is such a transformative time physically and emotionally. Developing a yoga practise brought me a serenity and composure that enabled me to navigate a path of continual shift and change. It brought a flexibility to my thinking as well as my body that was so vital during the birthing of my babies and on the journey of motherhood”.

Charlottes training has provided a deep learning into the physiological process of labour and birth; prenatal birth preparation; care of the labouring woman; obstetrics and gynaecology; breastfeeding and the postpartum period; meeting the needs of fathers/partners; the role of hormones; accessing instinctive behaviour through movement and body positioning, the use of affirmation, visualisation, massage and holding, partner work, and body centred teaching using pelvis and doll.

Charlotte continues her learning journey with a Thai yoga massage 1 year therapist training with Jungle Healing training.

“Charlotte’s post natal yoga was such a special experience. After a C-section i felt apprehensive about exercising again, but Charlotte guided me with understanding, skill and kindness. Charlotte is a natural and intuitive teacher, and I felt completely safe and relaxed during the sessions. They allowed me to regain confidence in my own body, relax and connect with myself. it was a wonderful restorative journey and I feel extremely grateful for our sessions.”
-Hazel and baby Neve