Fascia & further anatomy CPD

This 4 day course is aimed at yoga and pilates teachers who wish to further their understanding of the moving body with a particular focus on fascia, integration, a deeper exploration of key muscles and their relationships to breath, nervous system, awareness, posture and functional movement. This accessible course will include an application of the theory to movement and embodiment as well as enhancing teaching and performance skills.

By the end of the course you will:

  1. Have an understanding with regards ‘what the fuzz is all about’ as we begin to journey into the world of fascia: it’s components, types, sensory function, concept of bio tensegrity, fluidity, interconnectedness and how this informs our role as a movement teacher
  2. Take a closer look at key muscles, their associated fascia and relationship to the nervous system and breath. In particular the psoas and diaphragms. We will practice observing the breath and cuing accordingly
  3. Visit stability and practice teaching, observing and cuing to enhance shoulder, spinal and pelvic stability during movement whilst allowing for fluidity with a deeper understanding of the associated anatomy.
  4. Consider holding patterns, protective layers and cue to encourage softening and releasing whilst observing the breath. We will explore the use of small equipment such as foam rollers and small balls to release soft tissue
  5. Become more familiar with the names, location and actions of muscles, the role they play and the relationship between muscles, connective tissue and fascia
  6. Take a closer look at the foot as an important foundation, the relationship between the feet and the hips, exercises to enhance the function of the foot, release and stimulate fascia and associated energetics
  7. Looked at the anatomy of the ‘second (gut) brain’, the enteric nervous system, it’s influence on our immune system and how meditation and mindfulness can have a positive influence on vagal tone, enhancing ‘gut instinct’, serotonin production and digestive health to reduce stress and anxiety
  8. Have received a Harmonise Training manual and links to visual aids to support your learning journey

Course pre-requisites 200hr yoga teacher training certificate or equivalent, L3 Diploma in teaching Pilates or equivalent

About your tutor:
Clare Francis has over 20 years industry experience. She has been delivering L3 Anatomy on Pilates and Yoga teacher trainings for 5 years, completed a 10 day moving fascia embodied anatomy course in 2018, is qualified in sports, deep tissue and remedial massage with LSSM, is Yoga Alliance E-500 RYT, trained with Stott Pilates and is a qualified adult tutor and assessor.
Clare is looking forward to bringing together all of her knowledge and teaching experience with the intention of delivering an accessible course that educates, inspires and broadens your skill set

Course Assessment: You will be required to complete a theory paper on the last day of the course and hand in written worksheets within 4 weeks after course completion. You will be observed teaching practical elements and be given feedback throughout the training.

Certification: You will receive a Harmonise Training Academy certificate for 40 hours CPD. Yoga Alliance registered students can use these hours to record CPD OR they can put them towards their 300 advanced certificate with Harmonise. Please note you are not able to use the hours for both!

Course dates: TBC. Register your interest and join the waitlist HERE to be notified when course dates are released.

Course price: £528 Early bird: £480

There is an option to pay in 4 monthly instalments if booking 4 months or more in advance

Contact: clare@harmonisetrainingacademy.com or 07951806044

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