May, 2023

From Myofascia to Mental health; Pilates from a body-mind perspective

23rd May 2023. No comments.

A regular Pilates practice may help with physical fitness and body contouring, both flattening the abs and toning the whole body - a sure-fire motivational factor to attend class for many. However, there is a much, much bigger picture at play. I believe we are in the midst of extremely exciting times for mind-body movement. I live in hope that the fitness, health, medical and well-being industries are shifting increasingly [read on]

Are you your own best friend? Yoga practices to help you find your inner light.

4th May 2023. No comments.

Every time I deliver a yoga teacher training course, students are surprised at how much MORE there is to the practice of yoga. They experience how much yoga can enhance our quality of lives on a day-to-day basis – physically, mentally, energetically, emotionally and spiritually. Hence the increasingly popular phrase ‘transformational yoga’. It can help us to make decisions; it influences the way we communicate; the words we choose; how we [read on]

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