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The Art of Effective Cuing – Part 1: Language and Delivery in Yoga and Pilates Classes

31st May 2024. No comments.

Cuing seems to be a hot topic in the mindful (functional) movement world right now, and with good reason. The cues a teacher uses throughout a class significantly impact how a student experiences, feels, and embodies movement. It’s not just about the cues themselves, but also the tone of delivery and the teacher's expression during a class. After all, a student’s nervous system responds to the teacher’s nervous system through [read on]

Ageing Strong: Slowing Down the Clock with Yoga and Pilates

6th February 2024. No comments.

        “If exercise was a pill, we’d all be taking it” - Dr Mary Hendersen (The Hovarian Magazine, Feb 2024) How much you can benefit both yourself and others by taking part in, or teaching accessible Yoga and Pilates classes, even whilst embracing change? Thankfully, an increasing number of medically qualified people seem to be promoting the more recently branded term ‘lifestyle medicine’. This is a category into which Yoga and Pilates fit [read on]

Choosing In-Person Yoga or Pilates Training: 8 Compelling Reasons and the Power of Personalized Guidance

5th January 2024. No comments.

Time and time again I witness the transformative journey of like-minded individuals in our courses, where growth is exponential… and I am in awe. I always reassure individuals who express nervousness or self-criticism with these words: "Give that burden to me – trust the process, trust me, and, by the end of the course, you'll find trust in yourself." Yoga and Pilates are timeless forms of functional movement suitable for any [read on]

Cultivating the Relaxation Response: Self-awareness and mindful practices to enhance well-being

9th September 2023. No comments.

I have noticed a distinctive shift in my energy over the past few days, aligning with the super blue full moon and changing seasons; a time for letting go, turning within and coming home to self. Initially, I planned to work on my book at a friend's place this weekend, however when the time approached, it didn’t feel in my alignment. Instead of frustration, I sat with the realisation that [read on]

The magic of union and sharing yoga

5th June 2023. No comments.

When people ask me how I came to yoga, I reply that it wasn’t something I found. It’s very simple. Yoga found me. My yoga story As the saying goes ‘when the student is ready, the teacher will appear’. I had dipped in and out of many classes over the years and can even remember buying a book on sun salutations in 1997 when I was travelling, and practicing on the [read on]

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