The Art of Effective Cuing – Part 2: Enhancing your cuing skills as a Yoga or Pilates Teacher

27th June 2024. No comments.

In this continuation of our discussion on effective cuing, we'll delve into more advanced strategies to enhance your teaching skills. Building on the basics of language use covered in part 1, I will explore the art of observing and responding to your students, refining your cues, and fostering a deeper mind-body connection. Let's jump straight in ... Observing and responding in real-time This really is one of the key aspects of enhanced [read on]

The Art of Effective Cuing – Part 1: Language and Delivery in Yoga and Pilates Classes

31st May 2024. No comments.

Cuing seems to be a hot topic in the mindful (functional) movement world right now, and with good reason. The cues a teacher uses throughout a class significantly impact how a student experiences, feels, and embodies movement. It’s not just about the cues themselves, but also the tone of delivery and the teacher's expression during a class. After all, a student’s nervous system responds to the teacher’s nervous system through [read on]

Revisiting Downward Facing Dog: A Deeper Dive into Yoga Foundations

19th April 2024. No comments.

At the tender age of 24, I found myself grappling with Downward Facing Dog in a bustling yoga class at Gold’s Gym in London. At the time, I was working as a full-time gym instructor, personal trainer and studio co-ordinator. I was young, fit, healthy and body aware, so accessing downward facing dog during this class must have been a breeze, right? WRONG!!! Despite my background in fitness and body awareness, [read on]

Ageing Strong: Slowing Down the Clock with Yoga and Pilates

6th February 2024. No comments.

        “If exercise was a pill, we’d all be taking it” - Dr Mary Hendersen (The Hovarian Magazine, Feb 2024) How much you can benefit both yourself and others by taking part in, or teaching accessible Yoga and Pilates classes, even whilst embracing change? Thankfully, an increasing number of medically qualified people seem to be promoting the more recently branded term ‘lifestyle medicine’. This is a category into which Yoga and Pilates fit [read on]

12 Teaching Tips for Empowering Pelvic Health: Understanding the core and pelvic floor

7th November 2023. No comments.

Pelvic health is crucial, especially for women. It is estimated that 50% of women over the age of 50 have some form of a prolapse; and over a third have some form of incontinence.* Although pelvic health issues are not exclusive to women, factors such as pregnancies, hormonal changes during menopause, aging, medications, posture, stress, and lifestyle choices frequently act as catalysts. Like many chronic health conditions, these issues rarely stem [read on]

Reconnecting with Self and Nature: A transformative retreat experience

10th October 2023. No comments.

When I embarked on planning my recent retreat to the enchanting sacred venue at St Nectan’s Glen, I knew it was going to be extraordinary. Set against the backdrop of a healing waterfall and surrounded by an abundance of nutritious negative ion-charged air, the retreat coincided with a powerful super full moon. It was the start of a new 12 month cycle, a time for release, forgiveness, embracing new beginnings, [read on]

Cultivating the Relaxation Response: Self-awareness and mindful practices to enhance well-being

9th September 2023. No comments.

I have noticed a distinctive shift in my energy over the past few days, aligning with the super blue full moon and changing seasons; a time for letting go, turning within and coming home to self. Initially, I planned to work on my book at a friend's place this weekend, however when the time approached, it didn’t feel in my alignment. Instead of frustration, I sat with the realisation that [read on]

From Mats to Milestones: Inspiring journeys of success from our Teacher Training graduates

11th August 2023. No comments.

I just loved the energy and atmosphere at the recent Brighton Yoga Foundation's 10th Brighton Yoga festival; a gathering of like-minded teachers, entrepreneurs and volunteers came together to create a buzzing charity event. The festival not only showcased the holistic benefits of yoga and other wellness practices but also told the stories of those whose lives have been transformed by the activities of the BYF. From trauma survivors, addicts [read on]

How well are you breathing? 10 Top Tips for better balanced breath

22nd June 2023. No comments.

Hands up who suffers from summer allergies? Winter sniffles? Or other seasonal, environment or health-related sinus issues? - Breathe easy! Breath is central to both teaching and participating in an effective Pilates or Yoga class. Everything begins with the breath – including the very first thing we do when we are born into the world – we take an inhalation. Breath and the nervous system Inhalation is associated with the sympathetic nervous [read on]

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